Monday, August 18, 2008

Tri tri again...

Yesterday was the Seattle 2008 Danskin triathlon. I look back in my archives and can't actually believe that I didn't blog about the 2007 Danskin... the gateway drug to what has become something that I... well.. DO. It wouldn't have seemed that way at the time... in 2007, the day dawned rainy and low 60's. I panicked on the swim (my best event) and took far longer than I should have. The bike course was wet and scary and I went very slowly. The run was my only triumph, and only a triumph because my goal had been to run the entire thing and I actually did, though slowly (running is not something I'm either very good at or enjoy). My triathlete friends and I ended the day very cold and very very wet and wishing that we could have enjoyed our moment in the sun, savouring our accomplishment; instead I came home, bathed until I finally warmed up, and slept.

But even given the disappointment of the weather, I was hooked... my friends Shar, Lillian and I signed up that very week for our next triathlon in September. And we've done 2 more since, plus various 5's, 10's, and even a 12K.

This year, the Danskin was actually my 2nd event of the tri season, the first was the Federal Escape a few weeks ago. The Danskin though, is in a class all by itself with 4000ish women gathering together, at hugely varying levels of fitness and ability, being all sporty and supportive of one another.

The weather ended up being perfect this year; somewhat overcast early on, sun breaking through right towards the end of my run, so it was cool but pleasant. And I have to say - I rocked it. My swim was wonderful, my biking was wonderful (even though my chain came off and a very nice fellow triathlete stopped to help me get it back on), my run was... well. It was slightly better than last year. So let's just call it wonderful as well.

I reached my goal - I did better in all the events (even the run!) than I did last year. My overall time was 13 minutes faster; 12 of that came on the bike, BUT, I swam in about the same time as I did last year... and the course was 200 meters longer. I felt great after it was over, and my friends and I got our moment in the sun. It was a most excellent experience.

Two more tris to go this season; Black Diamond and Kirkland.

Dudes. I'm a triathlete! :)